ML 6.4 Nepal Earthquake in Western Nepal, death toll reached 154

 An earthquake of local magnitude (ML) 6.4 hit western Nepal on 3rd November 2023 at  18:02 UTC ( 23:47 local time). The epicenter is located at 28.888°N 82.195°E and the hypocenter is about 17.9 km below the ground surface. At least 3 aftershocks of more than 4 Richter Scale were recorded in the region within an hour. The total number of casualties reported is at least 154 (updated on 13th Nov 2023), feared more dead. 

House damaged due to earthquake (Photo:

Ground shaking intensity near the epicenter is supposed to have MMI 6 as per the USGS. The following map shows the earthquake's intensity in the region (produced by USGS).

Intensity map of earthquake produced by USGS

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