1980 M6.6 Earthquake of Western Nepal.

Today July 29, in 1980 western Nepal faced the tremor of M6.6 which took away about 150 lives and left injured nearly 1000 people. Estimated economic loss of that earthquake was ($245 milion!). Nepalese media and people may forget it but they have to remember those events and prepare for next event like this or even more devastating one in near future. Here is a short view on history of earthquake.
Location of 1980 earthquake

Nepal lies on seismic zone, it rests on the boundary of eurasian plate and indian plate with major faults parallel to its length. There are many fault activities responsible for ground tremors, some of them claim casualties but most of them are weak in their power. Nepal has the history of earthquake from 1255 AD when it was assumed that, 1/3 to 1/4th population got death due to earthquake about X in MM scale in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

That moment to now,  just last month reported earthquake of M5.5 in Rukum district is the latest noticed earthquake. Major earthquakes in Nepal are 1408, 1810 AD whose data are not available briefly about source, magnitude and location. 1833 AD, which devastated Kathmandu valley was of M7.8 claim death of around 500. Recent and more devastating, most discussed earthquake is 1934 Nepal-India earthquake which cause more than 16000 casualties. Not only the earthquakes having epicenter in Nepal but also felt damages with nearby earthquakes as like 2011 sikkim earthquake, Nepal had bitter experiences of Assam earthquake 18897, kangara earthquake 1905, Assam earthquake 1950.

Nepalese remember 1934 earthquake every year by organizing some programs as National Earthquake Safety Day on Magh 2nd as Nepali calender. Most of the people even think about earthquake when they feel it, elapsing of time they automatically left the caring about it. Nepal has many even smaller earthquakes probability of large earthquake is in near future. If people are aware about it and pay attention during construction of their houses, casualties will reduce significantly. Nepal government also have to serious about design guidelines, regulation and monitoring for quality of work on his authority and public structures. Media can also play a vital role in Nepal by publishing news and information regarding history of different earthquake and their damage, also possibility of large earthquake and then focusing on how we can reduce the casualties and loss. 

Following table shows the recent tremors recorded by department of mines and geology of Nepal.

Recent earthquake records of 2013
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Sources (DMG Nepal, USGS and different websites)

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