How to refine earthquake data downloaded from website?

Are you engineer? or seismologist? or designer? or even you may be a person who have interest on earthquake and its mechanism, time series etc. If you are worry about how you can get and process earthquake data, Here is a complete solution for how you can refine raw earthquake data. Just follow few steps then you can have clear view of earthquake time series.

Step 1: Data download
If you have already data sets of some earthquakes they may be in format like below which had taken in EW, NS and UD directions. Files are named as (station name+date+time ). 
OKN0109805040830.ud       (These files recorded in OKN010 station at 1998/05/04 08:30)
For Earthquake in and near Japan, NIED having 1880 stations records data. To download raw data from NIED click below.
KNET/KIKNET Data Download

 To download you have to register to the site but do not worry its free :) . 
data sets seems like this in website. you can click at right bottom "Download All channels data"

Those data are in zipped folder just unzip them all and save in one folder.

Step 2: Rename files
Now you have three files with extensions *.ew, *.ns, and *.ud. those file names just change in to 1.ew, 2.ns and 3.ud .

Step 3: Download executable programme
You need to download one executable program, that can be downloaded from this link click HERE .

Save this file seismodatamanage.exe on the same folder then just double click, you can have output files of station name.directions (FOr eg. OKN010.ew, OKN010.ns, OKN010.ud.). These files contained refined data in gal after correcting offsets and delay recording time too with first line of number of data (n) and time interval of recording (dt). From second lines there will be just recorded data after refining.
Another one file named ENU.dat will have four columns of time, EW, NS and UD components now you can plot by any plotting tools.
Refined data sets of earthquake

Here is the video with demo.... you can save your time now....

If you have still problem just comment it out here ....

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  1. what if we want to do it to multiple flies(say 10000). how to do it?


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