Earthquake alert message in Japan went wrong

August 08, 2013 at 4:56 PM, i was in my research laboratory concentrating on some programs of my research, In laboratory there are also other friends who are busy on their own task, Cell phones of one friend start to ring and vibrate on different sound, then all of us just little bit confuse about that sound but later with in seconds all of our cell phones display emergency message about the great earthquak . All of us took precautions and just hide under the table but up to few minutes we did not feel any tremor then we just came to normal schedule.

This is the message received on my cell phone

Japan had the best system to issue the emergency warnings (you can see here about earthquake warning system in Japan ) on such events so everyone cares about such message. Messages are not only displayed on mobiles but they automatically broadcast from televisions also. After this message all the train lines got emergency stops, several factories went to just stuck, Hospitals, schools, public areas all got alert. People scared and and remembered one devastating great east Japan earthquake 2011 march. 

This is the information of earthquake event issued by JMA website

Actually it was just intensity of 2.3 which is very normal tremor even we can feel near highways when loaaded trucks pass it instead of their message about intensity of 7.8. Luckily we did  not feel such big tremor as alert issued but now major question raised to Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) how their system issue such fault message to people. JMA is planing to launch new emergency warning system on last of this month, 31st of October. This issue will have to go on investigation that what is the fault that cause such message. It is very important to people and government of Japan that they have to be in efficient system as known to world. Hope they will find and solve such problems for future.

JMA said its due to electronic noise received by one seismometer which in in sea bed, system have to filter such noise but it did not, so that message flow to public.

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